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Achieve your business goals with Low-Code in 2024!

Our Work

As one of the first low-code development and consulting teams, we have been working with low-code platforms for years.

We are your trusted low-code consulting and development partner.

As a boutique law practice Schaffer Law Firm caters to the hospitality industry. They help companies set up and navigate the world of hospitality and business formation regulations. Helping customers get their licenses requires lots of paperwork and forms. Schaffer Law uses TrackVia to manage and track all their clients, requests, and process workflows.

To automate their processes and to take things to the next level, Schaffer reached out to Holzmann Enterprises. Working together, we built secure, custom webforms with complex business logic; helping Schaffer Law onboard new customers without need for sending faxes or emails with personal data.

Holzmann Enterprises has a unique gift of interpreting what you want and need and breaking it down into layman’s terms for those not fluent in technology.

We build powerful, highly customized, low-code applications.

LawPracticeCLE is a national continuing legal education company designed to provide education on current and trending issues in the legal world to judges, attorneys, paralegals and other interested business professionals. They offer live webinars, on-demand courses, and in-person seminars and are fully accredited by State Bar Associations as an approved source of continuing legal education.

LawPractice CLE leverages TrackVia to manage all their course attendees, product purchases. Their TrackVia platform allows them to quickly and easily provide custom certificates for each course attendee, including detailed data about the attendee, course attended, and the state certifications for the course.

Holzmann Enterprises helped LawPracticeCLE build their TrackVia platform, provided consulting and training services for the team, and also provides ongoing consultations on a regular basis. As the company grows, we’re continually helping them improve their processes and streamline their operations.

The quality, timeliness, personal touch and professionalism provided by Holzmann Enterprises is without comparison. I would recommend the team at Holzmann Enterprises to any business looking to maximize and capitalize on their product deliverability.

Logan H. – Director of Operations, LawPractice CLE

We’re your one-stop, low-code, custom software development partner.

Leave of Mental Absence (L.O.M.A.) is a Peer to Peer network that incentivizes community participation and drives the creation of original engaging viral content.

As a startup, they knew they needed a platform to automate their client management. TrackVia was a great solution for them. Holzmann Enterprises built their TrackVia web platform and integrated 3rd party social media platforms’ metrics. Now the LOMA team can easily determine who would be a good candidate to share viral content with their users.

[Holzmann Enterprises built] a project from a simple idea. [They developed] plans, prepared, educated, and executed an intricate and personalized approach to best meet our needs. 

When we’re done, they’re simply beautiful applications.

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