We create applications from the ground up. From small to large, from information retrieval to multi-warehouse inventory management systems, we can provide what your business needs. If you can tell us what you want your low-code application to do, we’ll build it with you and for you.

The key to an excellent result is an excellent process. We worked hard to make sure our development process is both streamlined and thorough. We have developed a simple, five-step process that allows us to work with you to build the perfect low-code platform for your business needs.

Five Steps for your success


Everyone is on the same page.

We determine and define the five to ten key features that you need.


You provide structural feedback and input.

We schedule two to six meetings (depending on complexity) and review each part of your new system.


After there is 100% buy-in on the plan for your project, then …

Our team begins building your application. While that’s happening, we’re meeting to make sure you know and see exactly what we’re doing.


Implementation tools for your business.

  • We create training videos.
  • We conduct training sessions.
  • We answer questions.


We’re here for your success.

After training and deployment we still touch base on a weekly basis for the first four to six weeks. We want to make sure you have the support you need going forward.

Our Promise

By the time your platform is finished, you’ll understand how we’ve built it…

and you’ll know how to make changes.

Types of Development

Spreadsheet to Platform

We first dive deep into your business so that we can figure out what sort of custom application would help it the most, and then we build that application. During the process we’ll schedule meetings so that you understand what we’re doing, and can easily request changes. We don’t just build your custom application for you, we build it with you.

We don’t just build your custom application for you…

We build it with you.

We will collaborate with you on all stages of the process. From the bare bones outline to the final package, we’ll work with you every step of the way. When we’re done, it will fit right into it’s niche in your business and streamline and accelerate your workflow.


If you need a few edits to your application, don’t stress. Our teams are masters at creating upgrades, accessories and specializing low-code applications. We can extend a low-code application’s functionality so that it works with new systems or processes, improve its performance so it scales better and can also grow with your business, and streamline your experiences on your low-code platform so everything flows easier.

We’ll have your custom application running at its best in no time.

If you’ve built with us before and want an upgrade for your platform, excellent. We’ll be ecstatic to work with you again.

If you built your application with someone else and now need to change it, that’s great! It means you know what you want, which makes it much easier for our team to work with you to make those changes perfect.


Data integrations from third party systems can be exceedingly useful for small and medium businesses. We build integrations that take data in from outside sources and store that data in your low code application, and integrations that take data from your application and push it out to a separate site or platform.

When it comes to our team and accessorizing your low-code application…

The sky is the limit.

Our fusion development team has built data integrations that create automated phone calls and allow payment of loans, as well as ones that track attendance to meetings or purchases made on other websites. We’ve even made one that traces profitability and makes predictions. These add-ons save time, effort, and money for many of our customers.

Want to integrate with your QuickBooks system? Send reminder emails or SMS messages to customers to tell them about upcoming appointments? Integrate with Outlook or Google email systems to streamline your low-code CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system? We have done all these and more.

Sometimes, we provide off-the-shelf solutions using tools like Zapier to make the integration happen quickly and easily. If that doesn’t work, we can provide a full-scale, custom-built solution for your specific needs.

We’ve integrated QuickBooks, Outlook, and Google among many other systems.

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