General Support

If you ever need any extra help with your low-code application, we provide tier-1 through tier-3 assistance.

We’ll work with you to solve your problems Monday through Friday, nine to five. However, we know that catastrophes don’t regulate themselves to work hours, so if there is an emergency we’ll be there whenever you need us.

We enjoy helping our customers and love it when they want to learn more about their low-code application.

The Easy

Tier One support is the simple problems: password and username issues, adding new users, and assistance navigating your low-code application. You may have heard it also called front end support or support line one.

The Not so Easy

A bit more complex is Tier Two support. It covers things like diagnostic testing, software repair, and troubleshooting

The Tricky Stuff

The hardest problems are solved with Tier Three support. Things like debugging scripts, expert troubleshooting and analysis, dealing with software problems that are entirely original and require unique solutions, and database architecture difficulties are dealt with by tier three technicians.

Offering all three tiers means we can cover everything you need when you offload your problems to us.

Contact our sales team for more information and to get started!