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Empowering Planet Water: Transforming Inventory Management with Low Code Technology


Planet Water, a global non-profit organization dedicated to providing clean drinking water solutions to communities in need, faced a critical challenge in managing their complex inventory systems. With their unique industry requirements, extended scheduling needs, and the necessity for accurate inventory forecasting, they required a comprehensive solution to optimize their operations. This article explores how Low Code technology, designed and implemented by Low Code Road (LCR), revolutionized Planet Water’s inventory management, streamlining processes, enhancing efficiency, and enabling them to expand their impact.

The Challenge

Planet Water’s mission involves delivering water drinking systems to communities worldwide. However, their inventory management process relied on spreadsheets, which proved inadequate for their intricate requirements. They needed to forecast inventory needs up to 24 months in advance, manage multiple business entities, handle complex shipment transfers, and ensure accurate inventory tracking across 12+ warehouses globally. This daunting challenge demanded a holistic solution that could accommodate their specific industry demands.

The Solution: Low Code Technology

Recognizing the complexity of Planet Water’s inventory management requirements, Low Code Road stepped in to develop a tailored Low Code solution. Leveraging the power of Low Code technology, LCR designed a comprehensive system that addressed every aspect of Planet Water’s inventory management needs.

Streamlined Order Creation and Forecasting

With the new system, Planet Water’s management gained the ability to create orders seamlessly based on forecasted requirements. Low Code technology enabled the creation of intuitive interfaces that simplified the order generation process. This not only enhanced efficiency but also facilitated accurate inventory planning, ensuring that communities in need would receive the necessary resources on time.

Efficient Shipment Transfers

Managing inventory across multiple business entities and warehouses required a solution that could facilitate efficient shipment transfers. LCR’s Low Code solution introduced a streamlined process for transferring shipments between locations and entities. This eliminated manual errors, reduced delays, and ensured that the right materials reached the right places at the right time.

Accurate Inventory Reconciliation

Regular inventory reconciliation is crucial for any organization, but it becomes even more vital for non-profits like Planet Water, whose resources directly impact vulnerable communities. The new system enabled on-site managers to conduct monthly inventory counts seamlessly. The Low Code technology ensured real-time updates, minimizing discrepancies, and providing accurate insights into inventory levels.

Automated Inventory Management

One of the most significant improvements introduced by the Low Code solution was the automation of various inventory management tasks. Items were now automatically removed from inventory when deployed for projects, reducing manual intervention and minimizing the risk of errors. This automation not only saved time but also enhanced the accuracy of inventory records.

Simplified Handling of Damaged Items

In their mission to deliver clean drinking water systems, Planet Water occasionally encountered damaged inventory items. The Low Code system incorporated a feature that facilitated the efficient handling of damaged items. This ensured that damaged resources were appropriately addressed, minimizing wastage and optimizing resource allocation.

Complex Inventory Ownership Transfers

Managing inventory across multiple business entities involved intricate ownership transfers. LCR’s Low Code solution introduced a complex logic-based mechanism for transferring inventory ownership seamlessly. This eliminated confusion, streamlined resource allocation, and ensured that the right entities were accountable for the inventory they used.

Expanding Capabilities

Beyond inventory management, the Low Code solution was also extended to manage maintenance and regular check-ups on installations worldwide. This enhancement allowed Planet Water to maintain the functionality of their deployed systems effectively, ensuring sustainable access to clean drinking water for the communities they served.

Results and Impact

The implementation of Low Code technology by LCR brought about transformative results for Planet Water’s operations:

Enhanced Efficiency

The streamlined processes introduced by the Low Code solution led to significant improvements in efficiency. Manual tasks were automated, reducing the risk of errors and freeing up valuable time for Planet Water’s team to focus on their core mission.

Accurate Inventory Management

Accurate inventory forecasting and real-time tracking eliminated discrepancies and improved overall inventory management. This accuracy was crucial for planning and executing projects, ensuring that communities received the support they needed.

Global Reach

With a presence in over 12 warehouses worldwide, Planet Water’s inventory management became more cohesive and standardized. The Low Code solution centralized processes and data, making it easier to manage resources across different locations.

Empowerment for Growth

The empowerment provided by Low Code technology allowed Planet Water to expand their impact. By automating complex tasks and streamlining operations, the organization could allocate more resources to their mission of providing clean drinking water solutions.

Sustainable Impact

With improved inventory management, Planet Water could better plan and execute their projects, leading to a more sustainable impact on the communities they served. Efficient maintenance management also extended the lifespan of their installations, ensuring long-term access to clean water.


Planet Water’s journey from spreadsheet-based inventory management to a sophisticated Low Code solution exemplifies the transformative power of technology in the non-profit sector. Through the collaboration between Planet Water and Low Code Road, a vision became reality – one where clean drinking water solutions could be efficiently delivered to communities in need. The success of this implementation underlines the potential of Low Code technology to drive positive change, streamline operations, and amplify the impact of organizations working tirelessly for the betterment of society.

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