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6 Items Needed to Create Centralized Dashboards in TrackVia

Have you ever found you need to make a new dashboard every time you start a new project in TrackVia? Taking the time to set things up before you can effectively get started can be painful. It can slow down your momentum and delay important processes from starting. What if you could have a set […]

Using Data Integration in Low-Code/No-Code Platforms

Using Data Integration in Low-Code No-Code Platforms copy

Data management has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when scores of people who mastered functions and formulas in Excel are needed to compute multi-step calculations to extract mathematical calculations from raw data that is collected over the course of business transactions. In fact with the aid of no code […]

TrackVia | The New Age of Low-Code Development

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Are you struggling with the traditional methods of project tracking, digging deep into the mystery of spreadsheets, and being unable to find a way out? Then here’s a savior for you. TrackVia is a no-code/low-code app development platform that lets you build and integrate high-quality applications in days, not weeks. How? Well, the credit goes […]

Using Modern Technology for Data Management to Reduce Employee Overhead

Using Modern Technology for Data Management to Reduce Employee Overhead

When a business reaches a good position, the pressure on the owner’s head doubles. To maintain a good position in a competitive market, owners have to make serious decisions so that they do not face negative cash flow. But, the most difficult task is to run and maintain a business with proper expenses. If the […]