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Achieve your business goals with Low-Code in 2024!

The Smarter Way to
Manage Your Business

Streamline your sales, operations, inventory, or HR with a custom-built low code solution.

Fed up with paper and spreadsheets?

Thousands of man-hours are wasted on unnecessary communications and inefficient updating of data across forms, emails, documents and spreadsheets due to unexpected mistakes and changes.

Too many disconnected systems?

You probably have an accounting software while everything else is stored on spreadsheets or systems that do not talk to each other. Truth is, you need an all-in-one system to streamline your sales, human resources, finances, operations and more.

We help businesses  go digital differently

What sets us apart is our ability to help businesses work better and faster by building custom solutions that are integrated, cost-effective and easy-to-use on an award-winning platform used by over 250,000 people all over the world.

Everything you need in one solution.

Inventory Management

Unlock Efficiency: Improve Inventory Control for Smoother Operations

  • Optimized Stock Levels: Ensure that you neither have excessive nor inadequate stock.
  • Enhanced Cash Flow: Prevent capital from being tied up in surplus inventory.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: Keep products available when customers require them.
  • Reduced Holding Costs: Lowering expenses related to storage and inventory carrying.
  • Accurate Demand Forecasting: Predict demand trends more accurately.
  • Streamlined Operations: Boost operational efficiency and maintain smoother workflows.

Have information accessible everywhere you go.

Workflow and Project Management

Spend more time generating revenue and less time on business processes.

  • Create Project Budgets and Proposals with support for change management and approval process.
  • Support item ordering, tracking and receiving including issue management (damage, incorrect or missing items.)
  • Streamline multi-stage project queueing and completion date estimation in a changing environment.
  • Manage installation and sign-off process.
  • Automatic document generation (PO’s, Proposals, Certificates…)

Take control of your business with a custom-built solution today.

Business Analytics

Take messy data and turn it into insights that allow you to maximize your business profitability.

  • Track profitability and cashflow for projects over time.
  • Tracking account profitability by source or type.
  • Tracking employee effectiveness across their portfolio of accounts.
  • Tracking account value over time.
  • Tracking business division progress against profitability goals.
  • Provide project analysis: budget vs. cost.


What is the benefit of using a low code tool like TrackVia?

On average, we find that our clients save between 2 to 4 hours per day related to activities that they normally have to hunt and search for what they need. For example, four hours saved per day X five days X 52 Weeks = 1040 hours saved annually. An average employee that you pay $20/hour is about $40/hour of total cost with benefits. Annually this will amount to a savings of $41,600 just for one employee.

What are the benefits of a custom-built Inventory Management tool?

The benefits of a custom Inventory Management tool are evident in its efficiency-enhancing capabilities. Its real-time tracking function aids businesses in maintaining optimal inventory levels, directly translating into cost savings. Moreover, by associating shipments with specific LOTS of production, companies can expedite troubleshooting and reporting processes related to dispatched goods, saving valuable time. For field teams, this tool proves indispensable by providing real-time availability insights, enabling them to strategize and plan based on current stock, thereby maximizing team productivity and resource utilization. In short, such a tool is pivotal for cost savings, time optimization, and ensuring streamlined operations.

What is the benefit of a workflow management tool?

The primary benefit of a custom workflow management tool is that it effectively bridges the gaps between multiple systems and traditional paper processes, significantly reducing manual entries and the potential for errors. By streamlining tasks and providing real-time statuses such as pending, in-progress, and completed, it enhances productivity. Additionally, team members receive timely reminders and alerts about their assigned tasks, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and operations run smoothly.

What is the benefit of a Project Management tool?

The advantage of a custom Project Management tool lies in its centralized approach: all pertinent details concerning a project are housed in a single location, ensuring time-saving and consistent referencing for everyone involved. This consolidation promotes transparency in scheduling, facilitating improved communication with both internal and external stakeholders about real-time progress and updates. Moreover, with its keen emphasis on financial tracking, such tools allow you to closely monitor actual costs against budgets. By maintaining budget adherence, not only can you optimize financial resources, but you also align more effectively with customer expectations, ensuring their satisfaction.

What is the benefit of an Operations tool?

An custom-built Operations tool offers multifaceted benefits that streamline and enhance day-to-day functions. Firstly, it integrates with real-time QC Tools, alerting key team members promptly when deviations arise or things don’t proceed as expected. This not only ensures adherence to designed processes but also fosters accountability within the team. Additionally, such tools provide a clear and organized audit trail, which becomes indispensable if clients require insights into chronological events or specific operational timelines. In essence, it bolsters efficiency, transparency, and traceability in operations.

What is the benefit of a Dashboard and Reporting tool?

The benefit of a Dashboard and Reporting tool lies in its ability to deliver immediate and visual insights, streamlining decision-making processes. With just a glance, users can pinpoint operational strengths and areas that need attention, offering an at-a-glance assessment that’s readily available. Its real-time progress monitoring identifies potential bottlenecks, crucial for preempting costs to an organization. Furthermore, such tools gather and present previously inaccessible or time-consuming data, empowering businesses to make swift decisions that can amplify revenue or curtail expenses. In essence, it’s an invaluable asset for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and financial performance.

What is the benefit of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool brings a slew of benefits tailored to optimizing client relations and internal communications. At its core, a CRM system is instrumental in structuring follow-ups and meticulously recording conversations, ensuring that no details or opportunities slip through the cracks. Given that success often necessitates multiple touchpoints, and considering the prevalent inefficiencies in follow-ups, a CRM tool addresses this gap, enhancing the sales process. Additionally, it offers transparency, allowing departments downstream from sales, such as operations, to anticipate and prepare for incoming demands, thereby ensuring seamless service delivery. Furthermore, CRM dashboards become focal points for constructive discussions between management and sales teams, spotlighting opportunities and challenges. In essence, a CRM tool is central to fostering efficiency, accountability, and strategic planning in customer-oriented businesses.

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