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No-Code and Low-Code Development Tools Changed Business 1000 Times For The Better

No-code and low-code software development is revolutionizing the way that businesses of all sizes create software, websites, and applications. In the past, one must learn code to create any of the above, but with these new tools, almost anyone can do development work.  In this post we will do a deep dive, to review what […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving – Getting More From Your Low-Code and No-Code Apps

The Gift that keeps on giving getting more from your low-code and no-code apps

It’s no secret that the world of business is constantly changing. To keep up, businesses need to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently in a variety of ways. That’s where low-code and no-code apps come in. These new software-building technologies make it possible for businesses to create custom applications without having to write a […]

Say Goodbye Excel and Welcome to the  No-Code Low-Code Era

Say Goodbye Excel and Welcome to the No-Code Low-Code Era

Automation enables transformation on a scale, giving you the time to sit on more strategic and value-driven matters. New potential can be unlocked by rethinking the way processes work and automating them. Likewise, businesses are automating their application development and ancient old operational processes. How? By empowering themselves to take away the system’s standalone apps […]

7 Tips To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With No-Code/Low-Code Platforms

7 Tips To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With No-Code Low-Code Platforms

People who either do not know how to code or don’t have time to code usually opt for no-code/low-code development platforms. And according to a report, 84% of large enterprises have already turned to low-code for its inherent ability to reduce strain on IT resources. This is also because when compared to traditional approaches, low-code […]

What is Fusion Development & Why You Should Care

What is Fusion Development & Why You Should Care

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, time is money. Failure to be agile enough to exploit a narrow window of opportunity can prove to be expensive for a business. In such desperate times, if an average product delivery takes 4 to 9 months, then a company’s competitiveness can go for a spin. Several software process […]

Use Low-Code/No-Code to Save Money on Development Projects

Use Low-Code No-Code to Save Money on Development Projects

For years, companies chose either of the two approaches whenever they needed new software development. They either bought a system from an external vendor (like a SaaS or a PaaS product) or build new software from scratch using their own development resources. The “build” option, though offers a close fit to business needs, demands higher […]

TrackVia | The New Age of Low-Code Development

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Are you struggling with the traditional methods of project tracking, digging deep into the mystery of spreadsheets, and being unable to find a way out? Then here’s a savior for you. TrackVia is a no-code/low-code app development platform that lets you build and integrate high-quality applications in days, not weeks. How? Well, the credit goes […]

Navigating the Security of No Code and Low Code Platforms

Navigating the security of no code and low code platforms

Low code and no code platforms make the deployment of applications easy and straightforward. They create room for quicker scaling even amidst labor delays experienced by companies whose business processes are IT-associated. This is one of the reasons why low code platforms are projected to reach $27 billion by the end of 2022. Low code […]

How to Distinguish Between Low Code and No Code for Use in Your Projects

How to Distinguish Between Low Code and No Code for Use in Your Projects

According to Hired, the demand for programmers doubled in 2021.  The pandemic caused businesses to adapt their processes to be more efficient and labor-free. The demand for software programs exploded and has caused a shortage of 1.4 million of professional developers in just the U.S alone. Apart from the new projects increasing demand, there are […]